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Pet Ailments – What The Pet Owners Must Do

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The mission of each veterinarian is to offer the most appropriate treatment to his patients. An effective cure is achieved when the skills and knowledge of the vet is combined with the cooperation, understanding, and patience of the pet owner.

The treatment of a pet is not like the treatment of a human being. Animals and birds cannot express their discomfort in words. Therefore, the vet must know the full history of the pet’s health condition. Some pet owners will just show their pets to the vet and will not provide any information on the ailment of the animals. Then, it is extremely difficult to provide the exact treatment needed. Veterinarians need to know the history of the case to perform the correct diagnosis. If the vet is not given a detailed and exact background of the illness, it becomes a really daunting task for him.

A vet cannot provide the right treatment if the pet owner does not provide the correct information. He needs the help of the pet owners to cure their beloved pets. In order to conduct a proper diagnosis and get a good treatment response, the vet must be given the answers to the following questions:

  • When did it occur?
  • How did it occur?
  • How did it develop?
  • Was any treatment given to the pet? What kind of treatment was given?

When a pet is affected by some kind of poison, the owner’s description is important. Some of the common cases of poisoning in pets happen when

  • Pets are exposed to manure in gardens.
  • Pets consume cement or lick paint at home during construction or repair work
  • Pets pick poisonous substances form outside
  • An insecticidal shampoo is used to bathe the pets
  • Some toxic compounds stored in the house come in contact with the pets

Since pets cannot express their discomfort or physical problems, the owners must act as their voice and give the best descriptions of the symptoms. The vet can provide the best treatment only if he gets a complete picture of what has happened.

  • Take your pet to the vet as soon as possible- If you delay taking your vet to the vet, it can result in severe after effects. The condition of the damaged internal organs may worsen. As the animal or bird cannot tell you about the discomfort or pain it feels, you have to ensure that timely treatment is administered to your pet.
  • Do not go for self-medication – There are some people who take the illness of their pets lightly and administer self-medication. This can only prove to be a waste of time because if the treatment is not effective, it can aggravate the condition of the pet, and even turn a small issue into an incurable illness.
  • Stick to the treatment regime suggested by the vet – If you do not follow the instructions of your vet regarding medication, dosage, time, diet, etc. the curing and healing process will take time and sometimes the treatment will prove to be ineffective.

Carry vaccination records and medical history- If your pet has any viral disease, the vet can decide the course of treatment based on the vaccination given to the pet. Previous medical records can help in fixing the steps to be taken to treat the pet.