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Pet Travel Tips You Can Rely On

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A lot of people consider pet animals as their own children and cannot leave them at home even when they are travelling. If you are one of those types who would love to take their pets with them wherever they go, you need to understand certain things pertaining to travelling with pets. You have to stick to some pet travel rules and guidelines for your own benefit and your pet’s advantage.

  • Some pets are not suited for travels. Your pet may be suffering from some disease, advanced age, or physical impairments. Some pets cannot adjust with the climatic conditions of foreign destinations. You have to consult with your vet and get the necessary precautionary measures done to make sure that your pet will remain safe during travel or prolonged stay in a distant land.
  • Airline companies have different rules regarding travelling with pets. Sometimes people realize only at the last minute that they cannot fly with their pets. In order to avoid this confusion, check with your airline service before the travel date to find out their pet travel rules. Some airlines may let you carry your pets on boards. But, if the pet is large in size, most airlines would ask you to take the pets to the cargo.

When your pet is flying in cargo, ensure that you meet the requirements of the airlines regarding this. The next step is to use a carrier that allows the maximum freedom for your pet to move around in it and remain comfortable all along the long journey. If possible, choose a non-stop flight so that your pet is not lost during transit. Finally, stick a label on the carrier with your detailed contact information.

  • A lot of pets love car journeys. Some pets need to be kept in carrier while travelling in a car while some others do not need them. Cats tend to be uncomfortable while in transit; so you can ensure their safety with a carrier. If you do not use a carrier for your pet, be careful to secure them safely in the vehicle. You will find specially made travel harnesses that you can use to secure the animals in their seats. You should also remember to stop the vehicle occasionally so that the pets can get some exercise and also relieve themselves.
  • Travelling in buses, trains, or ships with your pets are not allowed by some companies. The rules regarding this can vary from country to country or state to state.
  • While planning your stay in a hotel make sure that the hotel allows pets and that it is pet-friendly.
  • Try to find out pet-friendly parks or beaches where you can take your pets for outdoor activities and play. There are many such places suited for pet travelers. Outdoor restaurants sometimes allow pets with the diners, and even provide special pet food.

The most important thing to remember while travelling with your pet is their safety. You should also make extra care to ensure that your pet is getting enough attention and entertainment all along the travel.