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Our Business

Our State and Local PetCONNECT sites were designed to give online shoppers an easy way to find, research and review top pet-related services and professionals, watch a video, read informative articles, give to local charities or find their forever friend. Visitors will also find helpful emergency information as well as animal rescue and shelter resources all on one easy-to-navigate website. And the best part is, all the USAPetCONNECT member sites give back to the community by partnering with local Humane Societies and Animal Charities to build relationships, awareness and consumer interaction.

Our Mission

To provide an entertaining and informative destination site satisfying the consumers need for a statewide pet resource, while providing a venue for pet-related services and professionals to CONNECT with local pet lovers. By dedicating a portion of our profits to local animal services and charities we create a win-win trifecta for the 1000’s of helpless animals in need, the passionate pet loving consumer and the myriad of businesses and professionals that serve them.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that companion pets bring love, friendship and mobility to millions of Americans.
  • We believe the tireless hours of service by shelter volunteers are a gift to any community.
  • We believe that the lives of ALL animals are sacred.
  • We believe that most Americans have NO idea of the enormous animal overpopulation problem.
  • We believe that spay/neuter programs are integral to ending overpopulation and needless suffering.

Our Team

Steven Bailey / President of Sales & Operations

After an extensive 30-year career in marketing consulting, technology and sales training, Steven is known as a communicator and an innovator. He was a founding partner at Creative Alternatives “Guerrilla” Marketing Consultants in Phoenix, Arizona. Turned his passion for travel and adventure into a nationally distributed magazine and website. Launched a video production company to push the boundaries of interactive multimedia marketing presentations. Served as VP of New Business Development for a streaming media technology start-up that later merged with an international provider. Prior to forming Next Wave SUCCESS Marketing and Technology, Mr. Bailey developed an interactive online university and certification program for a leading international real estate publishing franchise. Steven now divides his time launching pet lover resource sites and developing fund raising platforms to benefit local animal services at USAPetCONNECT.

Michael Bunton / President of Technology & Development

Prior to his current position, Michael was the Chief Technology Officer for Next Wave SUCCESS, an Online Marketing & Technology firm. He was the owner and lead programmer of his own successful marketing company, Design850 were he serviced a wide range of clientele spanning multiple industries. Mike holds degrees in Education Administration and Mathematics as well as certifications from the Florida State University and the Worldwide Organization of Webmasters (WOW). Michael served as an adjunct professor for the American Public University System in Charles Town, WV where he taught students in web design and development, social media and Adobe software products including Flash and Photoshop. Mr. Bunton has designed and developed several .GOV websites including sites for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Justice. Michael brings a passion for emerging media and the deep love and understanding of a dedicated pet-parent to his daily work at USAPetCONNECT.

Andrea Barrett-Casertano / President of Marketing & Sales

Andrea is known by friends and colleagues alike as a dynamic, passionate and successful businesswoman. Andrea is a graduate of the esteemed entrepreneurship program at the University of Arizona where she earned a dual degree in entrepreneurship and marketing. She then spent the next 10 years in media sales and marketing driving several innovative online and offline campaigns. Since 2004 Mrs. Barrett-Casertano has been the owner of a Multi-Media Real Estate Franchise in Tucson, Arizona where she has earned numerous awards such as Rookie of the Year, Presidents Club and the National Award of Excellence. Andrea brings experience and focus to USAPetCONNECT. Andrea & her husband Joe have 3 sweet and loving dogs; 2 Bichon Frises (Daniella & Max) and a petite pit bull; Sadie. They love to walk, snuggle and play together. Andrea & Joe treat and think of their dogs as family members and agree they are all spoiled.